Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Been quiet and will be for a few months

Hi, just thought i would let people know I currently have limited access to my gaming computer and this blog. I am currently working in the middle of the ass end of nowhere on a 2 week, 1 week roster leaving little time for Sims and pretty much everything else. So please be patient if you have questions and I will get to them as soon as I am able.
As for new content that will come when I get time which is in limited supply. I am still here and will have more time once this contract is finished, but until then there wont be much content coming out.


Saturday, 25 March 2017

Mid-Century Abode: Add-on Bedroom Set

It was about time I did another bedroom. There was too many slim pickings with cc i have made that worked well and I have only done a few bed frames too. The thing that held me back was the bedding. Maxis bedding sucks, full stop. Its flat and unattractive, but I hate decor blankets because they don't animate, so are really only good for picture-taking rather then normal gameplay. I finally figured out how to re-mesh the bedding into a more pleasing shape, so expect future bedrooms to use this same bedding. Maybe one day I will get around to doing single beds, but that's not a priority for me.

Due to the length of these posts and for ease of updating, you can find the download and info under the cut.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

San Myshuno Makeover - Community Lot Dump

When I was playing in San Myshuno I did not fall in love with any of the community lots. Because of that I remade all of them. Now I have finished in the city for now and knowing that the lots are relatively bug-free, I decided to share them. So below the cut is the lots I built, minus the apartments and penthouses, plus an empty warehouse that is perfect to be turned into a number of different lots.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Derelict Delights - Boarded Window Decor

Finally got around to finishing these. Basically, I made these items for use in my Fixer Upper gameplay I post on tumblr. I wanted something a bit more authentic then what was available in game that could do the same job (surprisingly, the cork board is good this this). So I took the boards off the mine entrance in Oasis Springs, edited them, made 3 sizes and 2 styles, and recoloured them a little to give a little choice. These are great for the aforementioned fixer upper, or would work great on any abandoned house.
These are wall decor and will repeat place. They are 1 tile high so they will sit above one another very well to cover any height object.

The Build/Buy items feature:
  • Basegame compatible
  • non-default
  • 6 meshs total (3 widths, and 2 board configurations)
  • Available in 5 styles
  • custom thumbnails
  • find items easily using phrase "Derelict" in search bar (try this tutorial to easily find my sets)
  • Found in Build Mode under wall attachements, and in buy mode under window treatment
  • Pricing  and polycount  for new meshes as follows:
    - 1, 2 & 3 tile Boarded Window Planks  ($4/$5/$6, 106)
    - 1, 2 & 3 tile Poorly Boarded Window Planks  ($4/$5/$6, 64)

CC credits:
The archive contains the package file(s) and style image(s) inside a folder. Extract the archive using winRAR or WinZip, place the package file(s) in your mods folder, then look for them in your game. I hope you enjoy.


Saturday, 18 February 2017

Feel That Fabric Sofa Set Redux

When I was doing updates for my old content, I came across my old recolours of the basegame sofas. Boy oh boy did they make me cringe. They needed updating for the toddler patch but since I don't use them anymore I decided to redo them, and but redo I mean edit the original EA mesh and make a new set of sofas. So what we have here is somewhere in between a mesh edit and a new mesh, and now a sofa set I will proudly use once again.

Note: If you have the old versions and still like them, great! However I am no longer supporting that upload (i.e. I am not updating it). If you want to update yourself you are more them welcome to, but there will be no 'official' update from me.

The Build/Buy items feature:
  • Basegame compatible
  • non-default
  • 3 styles: armchair, loveseat and 3 seat sofa
  • Available in 24 my fabric textures
  • find items easily using phrase "PC" or "Fabric" in search bar (try this tutorial to easily find my sets)
  • custom thumbnails
  • Pricing  and polycount  for new meshes as follows:
    - 3 Seat Sofa  ($300, 450)
    - Love Seat  ($190, 406)
    - Arm chair ($160, 334)

CC credits:
  • All custom content, apart from the wall art in picture 1 (found here) is mine, so feel free to browse through my downloads to find it. 
The archive contains the package file(s) and style image(s) inside a folder. Extract the archive using winRAR or WinZip, place the package file(s) in your mods folder, then look for them in your game. I hope you enjoy.


Saturday, 11 February 2017

Police Precinct 15

Finally I have gotten around to uploading this baby. The default police station just was not up to par so it was inevitable I would rebuild it. But with these special lots come issues and I had quite a few with the cells and the inmates not staying in them (this may still be an issue). After some tweaking and play-testing then more tweaking, I am happy enough to share it. Be aware, its not perfect and will probably lag on lower end computers because of the size and sims on the lot at once, but its a big improvement over the original.
To place this lot you either need a mod to travel to the lot, or have a sim in the police career. once there, you need to use the cheat "bb.enblefreebuild" to access build/buy mode then from there you can access your library to replace the old building. Any inmates currently on the lot will be misplaced and will hopefully be in the cells next time you load the lot (but not all the time). If they aren't its a side effect of editing these special lots, so just be aware.

The lot features:
  • All police amenities
  • gym
  • logic room
  • caffeteria

You can find the house on the gallery under my origin ID: peacemaker_ic. Be sure to turn on "custom content" filtering in advanced options.

If you don't want to use the gallery, you can download the house from one of the download links below.

To install into your game, Extract the archive then navigate to The Sims 4 folder in My Documents. Find the Tray folder and place ALL of the files you extracted from the archive into it. Open your game and find the home in your library, just as if you dl'd it directly from the gallery. Ensure "include custom content" is active in advanced options if lot includes cc.


Thursday, 9 February 2017

UPDATED: Atwood Dining - Content Collection Addon

Update 22/02/2017: When attempting to fix the display cabinet, the tuning name was changed to one that required GTW. This has now been fixed for those without that EP. 
Update 9/02/2017: Some people were reporting issues with seating positions and actions failing with the anemone round table, it has since been tested and fixed. Please redownload either the individual file or the merged package. 
Updated 21/01/2017: With the toddler patch breaking a few things, I have taken the opportunity and gone through and updated my sets to fix issues and generally improve on some things. Here, I have updated all seating with tags and toddler rigs, and also fixed the display cabinet so you can grab items from behind the glass easily.
Update 1/10/2016: It was brought to my attention that the hippeastrum vase did not have a unique footprint (was linked to calla vase from Myra Living), this has now been fixed. You can either download the updated merged file, or grab the individual file at the SFS link at the bottom of the post.

With the addition of round tables with backyard stuff allowing me to take the rig and slot resources without having to tediously make my own, I can do what I have always planned to do: a round table in the style of mt anemone tables from my Atwood Living collection. So in order to make it a little more fleshed out, I added a few display pieces and stuff specific to a dining room. This is not a perfect match as my wood tones have improved since then, so have my fabric choices, but it still goes very well with Atwood, as well as any of my other custom content.

Due to the length of these posts and for ease of updating, you can find the download and info under the cut.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Blandco No More: Updated Solid is Sensational & Wood You Love My Kitchen Recolours

Update 6/02/2017 - Fixed for toddler patch so they will now interact with the counters and islands correctly for the ‘play in’ interaction instead of it not executing properly. Also changed out wood counter texture so it matches solid counter colour. 
Update 14/12/2015 - I exported the wrong DDS format for 2 of the wood cabinets, so please re-download the wood kitchen to get the updated file for the 2 cabinets. 

I absolutely love the kitchens in TS4, way better then TS3 kitchens, but CAS would have made them perfection. So I decided to take my favourite kitchen, the BlandCo style, and recolour them in some wood and solid colours. They were released some time ago and dubbed Solid Is Sensational Painted Kitchen and Wood You Love My Kitchen. Since EA added dishwashers, I have finally got around to updating these officially (you could use S4S to do a batch fix previously) but I wanted to do more then just an update. So by popular demand, I have not only updated for dishwashers, added 2 more solid colours, 3 counter top colours, I have also provided a package file of the cabinets with the shader fix akin to what plasticbox at MTS has done. I have included a non-shader fixed one because I have found when items like fridges are placed under the cabinets, they go dark, so this is a win-win situation.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Nordshine Seating - City Living Add-on

Update 01/02/2017: Updated for toddlers by updating rigging. I have also changed bech seat so it works as a loveseat now so sims don't sit through the armrests. Also fixed issue where sims could only use 2 of the 3 seats for the 3 seat sofa. 
With The addition of the new EP, there was quite a few items that were nice........... but needed more variations and style additions. One of those sets was the NordShine Single and Double, an armchair and love seat respectively. They had a solid design, some nice colours, but as usual, there was no 'full set' of seating which does limit its usability. Well I went about fixing that with this add-on set where I not only added some more colours, but also 3 other seating options: a symmetrical love seat, 3 seat sofa, and a bench seat. This brings the total number in this set from 2 to 5. Very much an improvement.

Due to the length of these posts and for ease of updating, you can find the download and info under the cut.

Monday, 30 January 2017

UPDATED: GTW Window Addons

UPDATE 30/01/2017: I realised I forgot the matching door, so that has now been added to the archive. It is now available in medium wall height and all original swatches. 
I was reminded by people on tumblr just how much I liked these windows from GTW, but also how limited their use is. So I set about changing that with some addons in additional sizes and also a medium height version. I am happy with how they turned out and now they are so much more usable then the original alone.

The "Look At All This Stuff!" windows have both a standard and diagonal wall meshes, and both have been edited for the new sizes. The "Sims Are Watching" windows didn't come with a diagonal mesh, but I did see there was an issue with the original cutout, so I included a fix for that too. The textures are also linked (not included in the package) so save file size. If you want to recolour these, you will need to make a selective clone of the original window then import just the window textures into my window edits before cloning.

  • Requires Get To Work
  • 8 original colour options
  • costs for "Look At All This Stuff!" windows:
    - 1 Tile short/medium: $175/$200
    - 2 Tile medium: $275
    - 3 Tile short/medium: $300/$325
  • costs for "Sims Are Watching" windows:
    - 1 Tile short/medium: $200/$225
    - 2 Tile short/medium: $250/$275
    - 3 Tile medium: $295
  • custom thumbnails
  • found in respective wall height door section of build mode
  • Polycount for "Look At All This Stuff!" windows:
    - 1 Tile short standard/diagonal: 400/384
    - 1 Tile medium standard/diagonal: 424/422
    - 2 Tile medium standard/diagonal: 316/408
    - 3 Tile short standard/diagonal: 368/616
    - 3 Tile medium standard/diagonal: 424/608
  • Polycount for "Sims Are Watching" windows:
    - 1 Tile short/medium: 528/544
    - 2 Tile short/medium: 804/820
    - 3 Tile medium: 974
  • Luxuriant Breeze Double Door
    - 2 Tile medium standard/diagonal: $485, 762/1141 polys
The archive contains the package file and style image inside a folder. Extract the archive using winRAR or winZIP and drop the package file in your mods folder and look for it in-game.